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About Us

We are here to serve you with the utmost of professionalism, and meet all of your project needs.
Why Choose Powerlink Electrical Ltd.?

Quality Work, Highly Trained Technicians, Fair Price, On Schedule, Loyal Clients

There are many reasons why you should choose Powerlink Electrical Ltd. but here are a few:
Our Mission

We are here to serve you with the utmost of professionalism, and meet all of your project needs.

At Powerlink Electrical Ltd. our mission is to serve the clients by taking care of their every need from start to finish.

Our foundation begins with the initial meeting sharing our values as a company and how we plan to achieve this through every project.

This all begins by listening to customers’ needs, providing trained and experienced staff that take care of the clients, one project at a time.

Our History

Powerlink Electrical Ltd. is an Edmonton based company that was founded in 2016.

Powerlink Electrical Ltd. also has a sister mechanical company to provide a complete range of services to meet all of our customers needs.

Our Core Values
Powerlink Electrical Ltd. has it’s core values firmly entrenched in honesty and reliability. We make sure all our customer’s expectations are met or exceeded.

We guarantee it!

Our hard work and commitment to excellence shows through in our results.
Safety - An Integral Part Of All Operations And Procedures

The Powerlink Electrical Ltd. policy on Safety and Loss Prevention is considered an integral part of all operations and procedures.

All employees must ensure that work is performed in the safest possible manner, and in accordance with relevant current government acts and regulations.
Powerlink Electrical Ltd. recognizes the importance of protecting the Safety and Health of our human resources, and acknowledges the right of all employees to be provided with a safe and healthy work environment.
Safety shall be afforded equal status to production excellence, and the Company believes that production achieved safely will result in optimum benefits. Therefore, ‘short-cutting’ safe work procedures for expediency are not acceptable.
Management at all levels is accountable for ensuring the Safety and Health of employees on a project within their respective jurisdiction and the maintenance of effectiveness for the Safety and Loss Prevention Program on such projects.
Established reporting and recording formats and/or procedures shall be adhered to by all employees.